Healthcare @ Stanford Events, Student Groups and Resources hosted by CHIPS

Healthcare Groups

Stanford Biodesign

Biodesign LogoStanford Biodesign aims to improve patient care by producing the innovators who invent life-enhancing and potentially life-saving medical devices, techniques and related technology.

Stanford BioLaw & Health Policy Society

BioLaw LogoSponsors a lunch speaker series, organizes networking events for students from different departments at Stanford, and encourages its members to participate in the Center for Law and Biosciences Journal Club.

Stanford GSB Healthcare Club

GSB Club LogoThe HCC's mission is to build networks that help Stanford students explore, pursue, and continue careers in businesses related to health care and life sciences, including biotechnology and genomics, pharmaceuticals, healthcare information technology (e-health), medical technology, venture capital, public/private equity investing, consulting, and investment banking.


Facilitates transfer of Stanfords research, discoveries for society’s benefit and health, educates students in technology, drug discovery and drug development, promotes innovative research, creates partnerships between scientists and entrepreneurs, bridges basic science and pre-clinical studies with expertise in clinical testing and product development, and makes translational medicine a reality.

SBSA – Stanford Biosciences Student Association

The Stanford Biosciences Student Association represents all students studying biology- related fields within the Schools of Medicine, Engineering, and Humanities and Sciences.

SMSA – Stanford Medical Student Association

Serves first and foremost to advocate for the student body. We function as a liaison between students, faculty, and the administration. As a responsible custodian of student body resources, SMSA supports student groups and promotes education, community service, social well-being, and leadership.

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